House of Chaos

Speak, friend, and enter.

If you don't know any of us, you probably won't find these pages particularly interesting. But heck, that's OK--come in and browse a spell. We're friendly.

Who we are:
Dr. David L. Matuszek  
Dr. Paula A. Matuszek   Résumé
Charles André    
Richard André    
Cyndy Matuszek  
Steven Matuszek Résumé
Danielle St. Cyr Résumé
Isaac Matuszek  
Beth Matuszek  
Laura Matuszek  

Practically family, sorta:
Gene Getchell
Jane Getchell  
Jeff Prothero
Sandy Stone
Joseph Trent
Toren Smith
Wilfred, Carol and
Jonathan St. Cyr

Friends on the Web:
Cathy Bond  
Dave Bond  
Susan Brown  
Rich Cohen
Marc Drexler
Peg Duffy  
Terry Feagin
Tim Finin
Richard Fritzson
Jay Gabin
Carrie Hafer
Paul Kogut
Steve Lesnik
Leon Marr
Rich Moore  
Martha O'Kennon
Martha Palmer  
Pat Palmer
Tad L.J. Pierson  
Cathy Raymond  
Eric Raymond
Paul Reynolds
Rachel Schmutter  
Bill Scholz  
Carl Strange  
Greg Sturniolo
Craig Trader  

Other friends: Don't feel slighted if you aren't on this list. Maybe you're on one of our personal pages. Maybe we lost your address. Probably we just haven't gotten around to it--we're building the list slowly as we have time and can find addresses. Send us mail and we'll fit you in.

Random Bits

Paula taught a summer computer camp in 1995. See the home page they created!

This blue image was created by Satori, an After Dark screen saver module by Ben Haller (Stick Software). Satori produces some very beautiful animated chaotic patterns, using a selection of color schemes. It was used as a background for our old home page. (I don't know what the tooth is doing there--you would think a picture of the Haunted Soy Sauce Can would be more appropriate....)

Our account name is So what's a nerp?
And what is ``New Eleusis''?
Here at the House of Chaos we have strong feelings about censorship. Here's an essay about Laura and the CDA.
There seem to be other Houses of Chaos. What ever is the world coming to?
Chaos: It's not our philosophy, it's just our lifestyle!
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