Other Houses of Chaos

While we have been the House of Chaos for several years (since about 1990?), it seems that other people have come up with the name also. So be it. We're still the coolest.
Jeanne's House of Chaos
Minimal so far, but "under construction."
Jeanne's House of Chaos
Older, but significantly more fleshed out.
The House of Chaos
Lots of pages by "jkehler"
Carl's House of Chaos
A page about modem and Activision games.
Sven & Greta's House of Chaos
There seems to be something wrong with the HTML. But....
You are standing in front of a large ominous looking house. You approach the large wooden door at the front of the house. Beneath your feet is a mat which exclaims "VAMPIRES WELCOME" in large block letters. The door is slightly ajar...
House of Chaos Productions
This seems to be a theatrical group in Montréal, Québec.
Amber -- Diceless Role Playing Game
This game includes a "Royal House of Chaos." There are numerous references to this game on the Web.
The Line of Death Bar & Grill
Notable primarily because it isn't called "The Little House of Chaos"
Apparently one attains chaos by using random capitalization....