Dr. David L. Matuszek

Contact Information
  205 Paoli Pike
Malvern, PA 19355
   Home: (610) 647-9789
Office: (610) 519-5654

   Michigan State University
The University of Texas
B.S. in Mathematics
PhD in Computer Science

   My primary interests include Java, Web programming, GUI design, programming languages, compiler construction, and artificial intelligence.

  • Skilled in design of innovative software systems.
  • Experienced in 20+ languages, including Java (Sun certified), JavaScript, Perl, C, Ada, Lisp, Prolog, ML, Haskell, HTML.
  • Over fifteen years experience with UNIX and with MacOS; three with Windows '95, '98, and NT.
  • Over 35 years programming experience.
  • Over 30 years teaching experience (eight years full time).
  • Sixteen years experience in industry; experienced in technical management.
  • Excellent technical writing ability (one published textbook).

  • Academic and Industrial Experience
       1999 - present
          Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computing Sciences, Villanova University, Villanova, PA.
       1985 - 1999
          Employed by an R&D group currently owned by Lockheed Martin. Highlights include:
    • Assisted in building a security management system in Java.
    • Developed processes for translating large MS Word documents into clean HTML.
    • Built an HTML-based GUI for a segment generation tool for the DoD.
    • Analysed 70,000 lines of C++ code for Year 2000 errors.
    • Webmaster for Global Transportation Network.
    • Invented the BARD program transformation language.
    • Used BARD in a Pascal-to-C translator and in a prototype Y2K program for COBOL.
    • Translated Sperry's COBOL parser from GSA to PCCTS.
    • Built parsers for reengineering CMS-2 and FORTRAN.
    • Developed a graphical development environment for a KL-1-style knowledge base.
    • Principal investigator for an evaluation of expert system shells for hardware maintenance.
    • Principal investigator for the design of an advanced knowledge representation system.
    • Developed a logic for incompletely specified temporal and spatial intervals.
    • Developed a language for the representation of constraints in a principled semantic network.
    • Developed an API for a KL-1-like knowledge representation system.
        Adjunct professor at Villanova University.
       1979 - 1985
          Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.
    • Served (at various times) as head of the Graduate Committee, the Undergraduate Committee, and the Undergraduate Curriculum Revision Committee.
    • Taught almost all the required undergraduate courses in computer science.
    • Introduced the Pascal language into the curriculum.
    • Developed and taught three graduate-level courses in artificial intelligence.
          Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712.
          Consultant, Tracor Inc., Austin, TX.
    • Determined requirements for a system to collect and analyze meteorological data.
    • Guided selection of an appropriate on-flight microcomputer.
    • Introduced Chief Programmer Team methodology.
       1972 - 1974
          Graduate Assistant, Dept. of Zoology, The University of Texas (Man-Computer Interactive Chromosome Project).
    • Designed, implemented, and documented a complete operating system, loader, assembler, communications package, and graphics package for the PDS-1 minicomputer.
    • Wrote several compilers and special-purpose editors.
    • Wrote programs for the manipulation of digitized chromosome photomicrographs.

    Selected Publications

       Matuszek, David L. ``BARD: A Language for Manipulating Abstract Syntax Trees,'' submitted to the 1998 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering, Montreal, Canada, June 14, 1998.
       McKay, Donald P.; Matuszek, Paula; Matuszek, David; Smith, T.J.; and Testani, Sandra. ``An Architecture for a Training Virtual World Environment,'' in Proceedings of the 1998 Conference on Virtual Worlds and Simulation--1998 Western MultiConference, San Diego, California, January 11-14, 1998.
       Matuszek, David. ``BARD/Idiom Tool: Reference Manual,'' internal publication, Lockheed Martin, 1996.
       Finin, T.; Fritzson, R.; Matuszek, D. (1989) ``Adding Forward Chaining and Truth Maintenance to Prolog,'' IEEE Artificial Intelligence Applications Conference, Miami, Florida, 1989.
       Matuszek, D.; Finin, T.; Fritzson, R.; Overton, C. ``Endpoint Relations on Temporal Intervals,'' Third Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Denver, Colorado, 1988.
       Matuszek, David. ``Quick Pascal,'' John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982.
       Matuszek, David. ``Disjunctive Complexity of Assertions as a Model of Perceived Complexity of Programs.'' PhD dissertation, The University of Texas, 1978.